A rewarding collaboration

Domus Homes and Vintop Development

Domus Homes designs and builds homes for the way you live today. We build upon a foundation of superior knowledge, collective experience, and commitment to integrity in each of our developments. Our values drive the creation of exceptional communities for our homeowners, and are demonstrated through excellence in location, design, built quality, and customer service.

Domus principals bring over 80 combined years of experience in Greater Vancouver real estate development to every new community, and our passion shines through in the homes we create. In collaboration with Vintop Development, we proudly present the latest expression of our philosophy, Ovation New Westminster.

GBL Architects

GBL Architects is inspired by the wondrous potential of cities, communities, and people. Their hope is that structures become active participants in society, carving out new and surprising human patterns within the cultural landscape. The award-winning firm practices emergent architecture, fuelled by the notion that success in form isn’t simply defined by a strength to endure, but also through an ability to surprise over time.

Cristina Oberti Interior Design

Because each project has its own story, Cristina Oberti Interior Design creates interiors that convey a unique and coherent yet stylish message. The firm captures this message simply and succinctly. By incorporating a project’s exterior elements into the interior design, they seek to create a unified look, presenting an interior that speaks to the homeowner.